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Frozen Glasses at -38 C


Frozen Glasses at -38 C

Ice-°Chiller – Frozen Glasses at -38° C

Have you ever experienced the situation that glasses being offered in bars and restaurants are often far too warm? Cocktails are supposed to be served in a stylish way and offer true excitement, enjoyment and refreshment! With our ICE-°CHILLER a new revolution has started in the hospitality industry. You now have the possibility to ice your glass in a simple and eye-catching way.      


Impress your Guests!
Glass Icing in 5 seconds with Show Effect


Germ-free icing at your fingertips: Ice-Chiller
Imagine a technical device which has a modern and stylish design. An appealing LED light will appear during the operation and will be an eye-catcher. Our ICE-°CHILLER will quickly ice and complete your stylish glass. Naturally sterile and germ-free. ICE-°CHILLER quality, made in Germany. The ICE-°CHILLER is the revolution for bars and restaurants that want to offer their guests much more than just a simple glass.    

An end to warm glasses and betraying decor!

On a hot summer day you only want cocktails that are cool and bring real refreshment and excitement. The ultimate cocktail needs to be tasty and served in style. This is now feasible. Our ICE-°CHILLER is a true eye-catcher with show effect. True coolness is no longer just a description but now a visible fact.

Germ-free icing at the push of a button. A point of attraction. A true innovation and a proprietary product. The ICE-°CHILLER has been tested and certified in Germany by TÜV Nord. Sometimes there are no other words but just to watch and experience. The ICE-°CHILLER will turn a simple glass into a masterpiece of taste.